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New Bowlers

New Bowlers

Bowls is a simple game to learn.  A team rolls a small ball (called the jack) down the green to set a target for the bowls (called woods) to be bowled alternately by the teams.  The object, after all the woods have been bowled (called end completed), is to get as many of your teams woods closer to the jack than your opponents woods.  For each of your teams woods closer to the jack than your opponents woods you score one shot.  In a game for single players you would normally score 21 shots to win.  In a game of pairs (2 a side) and fours (4 a side) you would normally play 21 ends whilst in triples (3 a side) you would normally bowl 18 ends.  Each team in singles and pairs games would normally bowl four woods each end whilst in triples each team would normally bowl three woods each end.  (We say ‘normally’ as these rules can be varied for specific competitions.)
There are two main techniques to master.  The first is called “line”.  This involves working out which line to push the wood out on to obtain the correct degree of bend as the wood travels on its curved path to the jack.  (The wood is manufactured with a slightly offset centre (called the bias) to enable it bend as it slows down on its journey to the jack.)  The second technique is called “weight”.  This involves determining the correct push to set the wood off with to reach the target, normally the jack.  

Bowls has a reputation for being played by the elderly.  The reason for this is simple.  It is a non contact game which does not require a massive physical effort to play and older people find that they can play this game when their ability to play the more physical sports, rugby, football cricket, tennis etc, has diminished.  The game is often taken up by people wanting to continue in competitive sport as they consider ‘retiring’ from the more physical contact sports.
The best bowlers however are the younger bowlers and the average age of the English International team in 2013 was just 32 years!  The younger you start the game the more time you have to practice which as we all know makes perfect!

The game can be played by people with physical disabilities and the club have a special bowling wheelchair which is available for use if required.

Glebelands are very happy to introduce people of any age or gender to the sport and have qualified coaches available to help would be bowlers.  Why not give it a try.  Let us know when you would like to have a go and we will arrange for you to come to the club and have an introduction to the game.  If you think that you would like to continue to play the game we can discuss coaching with you and arrange a time to suit you to learn the game.  All equipment is provided for you during your introduction and subsequent training.
If you are already a bowler just contact us to arrange for a free session on the green and an introduction to our superb facilities!.

To contact us:  phone Ron Raymond 07880 500617

FOR  ALL  THE  FAMILY  8 to 80+.


Entry to Club & car park via access road opposite
25/27 Summers Lane, Finchley, N12 0PD

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